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What is Artifakt

Artifakt is an all-in-one platform helping developers fast-track deployments, manage and run complex web applications on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructures on a global scale.

How Artifakt works

Artifakt provides a service based on Cloud technologies to help you build, deploy, monitor, secure, and manage the scalability of your applications.
To achieve this, Artifakt retrieves your source code from a Git repository of your choice, and deploys it on a chosen platform type (Starter or Scalable). We then automatically create an isolated environment, deploy the necessary resources, configure the network, build and deploy your application and set up monitoring and alerting.

Discover Artifakt

We encourage you to browse through the documentation in order to discover the features offered by Artifakt and to understand how the product works. Here are a few important points:
Cloud Platform – Select a runtime and a platform type for your application, activate and configure additional services (Redis, MySQL, Background Worker...) for each of your environments.
Builds & Deployments – Connect a Git repository to your Artifakt project, customize the build step of your application, configure recurring tasks, run management jobs (deploy a new version of code, enable maintenance mode...), and so on.
Monitoring & Logs – Discover how Artifakt provides access to all the information you need to monitor your applications. You can access key usage figures, as well as log files (several kinds of logs) and you can also be alerted, in the event your site becomes unavailable.
Domains & HTTPS – Quickly access your environments thanks to domains automatically generated by Artifakt. Also, connect your own domain name (example: Each domain name use HTTPS thanks to SSL certificates provided and configured free of charge. All static resources are cached globally through our Content Delivery Network (CDN).
Security – Restrict access to your environments by IP address filtering or password protection. All your environments are automatically protected against attacks with an included Web Application Firewall (WAF).
Accounts & Workspaces – Collaborate with your team in workspaces and projects. Each member is assigned a role and its associated permissions.
Resources – Find essential information about our release stages, feedback policy or shared responsibility model.

Why not...?

In-house Solution

Your company can be capable of doing what Artifakt does, but it is likely that this is not part of its core business. This would require a lot of resources, deep DevOps / FinOps / SecOps expertise and years of work to achieve what you could get right away with Artifakt. Focus on your business, stop wasting time on setting up & patching servers, scheduling OS updates, rotating logs, configuring reverse proxies, managing load balancers, configuring ports, issuing certificates, and any number of other tasks that maintaining your infrastructure requires.

Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting lacks flexibility. Resources are static; therefore the ability to scale up or down is very limited. Scalability can be critical for your business to stay agile and competitive. Spend more time improving your application and fine tuning your infrastructure rather than contacting support teams for simple tasks such as adding a new IP restriction or sub-domain.


Heroku is the industry's pioneer PaaS provider. The primary problem with Heroku is that it does not provide enough customization capabilities. While configuring it is rather simple, it won't be as flexible when it comes to large and complex applications. It might be a viable solution if you are a developer working on personal projects or small applications. is mainly focused on continuous deployment. Everything is build-oriented and it simplifies the process of deploying your application on the Cloud. Here, the limitation concerns what comes after this deployment step. Artifakt aims to provide developers with everything needed to manage their applications: deployments, logs, monitoring, alerting, jobs, integrations, auto-scaling, etc.

We're here to help you !

FAQ – If you have any further questions, you can browse the articles on our Help Center.
Tutorials – Explore our blog to learn more about the advanced features of Artifakt.
Support – Our Support team remains available if you need assistance using the product or our Cloud platforms. You can contact them by email or by phone (for Scalable customers only).
Feature request / ideas – Your feedback is important to us. If you feel that a feature is missing in Artifakt or if you have ideas for improvement, we invite you to visit our dedicated portal and check if your request has already been submitted to us; if so you can upvote it. If it's not there, feel free to add your proposal, our product team reviews everything thoroughly!
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