Artifakt Docs
Stacks 5.0 and up


This page will describe the new authentication process used by Artifakt.
Creating an account
You can create an account using the sign up button.
Auth0 Login form
Enter your username, email & password and click sign up to create your account.
The Artifakt password policy is as follows :
  • At least 8 characters
  • At least 3 of the following:
    • Lower case letters (a-z)
    • Upper case letters (A-Z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Special characters (ex. !@#$%^&*)
You will then be asked to configure the MFA to secure your account. This is mandatory so as to ensure maximum security on your accounts.
MFA setup screen
After scanning this QR code on your favorite authenticator app, you will be sent a confirmation email to validate your account. You can use:
You can also receive the 30 characters code to configure the app by clicking the "Trouble Scanning?" button.
Mail confirmation for account activation
After clicking on the "Activate My Account" link, you will be sent to the MFA challenge screen.
MFA Challenge screen
Checking the box will remember your device for 30 days and bypass the MFA challenge for this particular device. Logging in with the same account on another device might still trigger the MFA challenge.
Passing the challenge will log you inside the console, and your account will be fully configured.


Simply enter your email or username and password and validate. You will have to pass the mandatory MFA challenge to log in.

Forgot & Reset password

Hitting the "Forgot password?" button will lead you to this screen below where you can enter your username or email to reset your password.
Forgot password modal
You will then receive an email including a link to reset your password.
Reset password mail

SSO Login

Artifakt supports login with Google, Github and Gitlab. It also enforces MFA usage so you will have to configure MFA like shown in the creating-an-account subsection, and then login.

Inviting people

Using a paid plan on Artifakt allows you to invite more users to your workspace. To do so, simply access the Workspace Members page, click "Invite People", fill the form with the email address and set the role.
Invitation button
Invite modal
The invited user will have to create an account, then connect with it, configure MFA and login again, after that he will access the workspace as usual.

Account Linking

If you login using the same email address for two different login methods (SSO and e-mail) you will be asked to link both of your accounts. Accepting to link the accounts will merge both of your login methods to one single account.