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Stacks 5.0 and up

Billing Management

To manage your billing information or change billing-related settings for your workspace, select the relevant workspace from the left sidebar, then click on Billing link in the top menu.
Only Owner and Admin of the workspace can access this section.


In the section Billing > Invoices, you can see and download your latest invoices.
We display all needed information as Invoice Number, Issue Date, Amount ($ or € depending on your workspace currency), status, due date and a link to download the invoices in PDF format.
An invoice becomes overdue if it has been issued for more than 30 days.
Invoices list

Billing details

In the section Billing > Billing Info, you can find all the billing information and related billing settings for your account.

Payment information

This section will give you the following information:
  • Billing frequency and next billing date.
  • Contract commitment length with start and end date.
  • Payment method (SEPA or Credit card with 4 latest digits).
These settings are only in read-only mode. We are planning in our roadmap to make them editable soon.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or if you need to update this information, don't hesitate to contact our billing team by email at [email protected].
Payment information section

Account & Billing information

This section allow you to update your account and billing information used in
  • Company name - Name of your company as displayed in the invoices.
  • Account email - By default, email of the owner of the workspace. Main account email, used to send the invoices by email.
  • Currency - Not editable, in which currency you are billed.
  • Tax ID - Optional, your company Tax ID.
  • Full address - Company full address, used in the invoices and by our financial team to send you letter if needed.
Account & Billing information section