Workspace Management
Workspaces are the perfect way to collaborate with your team on your web projects.
As a reminder, workspaces are the highest level of organization within Artifakt. They allow you to organize projects in your company and facilitate collaboration between your teams. Simply put, a workspace contains one or more projects and each project contains one or more environments.
You can be a member of several workspaces simultaneously.


The workspace overview allows you to quickly visualize what makes up your workspace (projects, environments) without having to go into each project.
Workspace Overview


From the workspace settings, you can view the selected cloud provider, change the default deployment region or delete the workspace.
Each new project uses the default region set at the workspace level, but you can always adjust the value when creating new projects. The default workspace deployment region can be changed in these settings (only the Owner role can perform this action) but the change only applies to new projects.
The Cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.) defined for your workspace is used for all projects within your workspace and cannot be changed afterwards.
Workspace settings
In order to delete a workspace, you first need to destroy running environments. Then, go to Workspace β†’ Settings β†’ General and refer to the Delete Workspace section.
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