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Workspace Management

Workspaces are the perfect way to collaborate with your team on your web projects.
As a reminder, workspaces are the highest level of organization within Artifakt. They allow you to organize projects in your company and facilitate collaboration between your teams. Simply put, a workspace contains one or more projects and each project contains one or more environments.
You can be a member of several workspaces simultaneously.


The workspace overview allows you to quickly visualize what makes up your workspace (projects, environments) without having to go into each project.
Workspace overview


From the workspace settings, you can edit the workspace name and image, you can also view the workspace UUID (for API usage), view the selected cloud provider, change the default deployment region or transfer the ownership of the workspace.
Each new project uses the default region set at the workspace level, but you can always adjust the value when creating new projects. The default workspace deployment region can be changed in these settings (only the Owner role can perform this action) but the change only applies to new projects.nt
The Cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.) defined for your workspace is used for all projects within your workspace and cannot be changed afterwards.
For the workspace image, there is a size limit of 1MB. Using a square-shaped image (.png or .jpg format) with equal height and width will yield the best results.
Workspace settings

Danger Zone

The Danger Zone is only accessible to the Owner of the Workspace and allows you to transfer ownership. Actions in this zone are definitive and can not be reverted.

Transfer Ownership

If you are the owner of a workspace, you can transfer the ownership of this workspace to another admin user. Please make sure that there are other admin users before proceeding.
Transferring ownership is definitive. If you transfer the ownership of the workspace, you lose owner privileges such as being able to change billing information, and you are demoted to an admin user with admin privileges. The user chosen will receive the owner role with owner privileges.
Transfer workspace ownership
After hitting the transfer button, you will be able to select an admin user in a list, then you will have to type in the name of the workspace. After doing that, the transfer button activates and clicking on it effectively transfers the workspace ownership to the selected user.