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Stacks 5.0 and up

Domain Management

A domain name is the URL or web address where visitors find your site. Manage your domain names and configure them for each of your environments.
By default, any environment on Artifakt is accessible via its Artifakt subdomain, which has the form [workspace_name]-[project_code]-[environment_id] For example, you would access an environment with id dys73t in the project eshop part of the acme workspace at
Custom domains allow you to make your sites accessible from your own, non-Artifakt domain names (for example,


  • Domain name (or domain for short) – Full name used to access an environment. For example, or
  • Apex domain (also known as a root, bare, or naked domain) – The part in
  • Subdomain – A domain that is part of a larger domain; the only domain that is not also a subdomain is the apex domain. For example, and are subdomains of
  • Artifakt subdomain – Artifakt term for the default domain with the form [workspace_name]-[project_code]-[environment_id] given to each environment.
  • Custom domain – A non-Artifakt domain assigned to an environment.
  • Primary domain – Artifakt term for the main custom domain assigned to an environment. Learn more about Primary domain here.
  • Domain registrar (or domain registration service) – Company that lets you register a domain name.
  • DNS provider – Company that maintains DNS servers.
  • DNS server (or nameserver) – Specialized server that translates a domain name into a destination IP address.
  • DNS zone – Provides information about one or more domain names. Each zone contains a list of DNS records with mappings between domain names and IP addresses.

Primary Domain

Each environment owns a unique primary domain. You can change it anytime at Environment → Settings → Domains.
Make a domain primary
The primary domain has different purposes in Artifakt :
  • All links displayed in Artifakt console for an environment use the primary domain.
  • For critical environments, the health check monitoring uses the primary domain to check if your website is available.
  • If you open a support ticket for an environment, our Support team will use the primary domain to browse your website and analyze your issue.

Artifakt Subdomains

By default, when you start an environment, Artifakt automatically generates a domain to quickly access your application. It has the form [workspace_name]-[project_code]-[environment_id]
For security reason, we don't use environment names such as staging, preprod or production in URL because:
  • It would be too easy for a malicious person to guess your other environments URLs.
  • Environment name could be too complex such as feature/myfeature1 and cannot be used in URL.
If needed, you can add additional subdomains. Go to Environment → Settings → Domains and click on Add Domain. It is very helpful when your web application uses multi-site or multi-language modes and you want new URLs that include code languages such as fr, en or us.
They will have the form [subdomain]-[workspace_name]-[project_code]-[environment_id]
Adding an Artifakt domain
Please not that :
  • You can add as many Artifakt subdomains as you want.
  • Artifakt subdomains could take a couple seconds to be available.
  • Subdomain name length is 9 characters maximum.

Custom Domains

To make your application available at a non-Artifakt domain name (e.g., go to Environment → Settings → Domains and click on Add Domain to add a custom domain.
Adding a custom domain

Domain Limits

The number of custom domains you can add per environment depends on the platform type used for the environment:
  • Starter: Up to 1 custom domain
  • Scalable: Up to 5 custom domains
If you need more custom domains, please contact our Sales team.

Domain Validation

When you add a custom domain name to your environment, you must then confirm that you actually own that domain in order for us to properly issue an SSL Certificate for it:
  • Step 1 - Pre-validate your domain – To avoid a couple minutes of downtime during the DNS migration process, please create a TXT record with the data provided by the Artifakt Console.
  • Step 2 - Link your domain to Artifakt – To validate your domain and redirect traffic to your Artifakt environment, you must add a CNAME record pointing to within 48 hours of adding your custom domain name in Artifakt.
Validating a custom domain (non APEX)
For APEX domains (e.g, you need to add 2 A records (cannot be CNAME records) pointing to these IP addresses: and
Warning! the TXT record must be added first (before the other records).
However, Artifakt strongly recommends avoiding using APEX domains entirely because IP addresses previously provided could change at any time without warning. APEX domains are not covered by any Artifakt SLA.
Validating a custom APEX domain

Domain Status

Please check the domain status in Artifakt at Environment → Settings → Domains to verify if your domain is correctly setup, the status should be Online. If not, please check your DNS configuration again. If you encounter any issue, don't hesitate to contact our Support team.
If you haven't validated your custom domain within 48 hours, don't worry, you can still Retry Validation in the Domain list.
Retry Custom Domain Validation