Build your Environment
Create and build your first environment using your own source code.

Creating your First Environment

Once the project is created, you can create your first environment. To do so, go to your project and click on New Environment.
When creating an environment, you must define a name, the Git branch to deploy, the type of platform to use, and the criticality (environments can be either critical or noncritical).
Environment creation
If you set up your Git repository at the project level, the branches associated with your repository are automatically retrieved and available in the drop-down list.

Building your First Environment

Once your environment has been created, you can now launch its construction by clicking on Build in the drop-down menu. You will then be redirected to the Overview page of the environment from where you can follow the creation and start up of each service of the platform, in real time.
Build the environment
Once the environment is deployed and available online, a domain name generated by Artifakt will be displayed in the list of project environments and on the environment home page.
Access your web application
An Artifakt page will indicate that your environment's infrastructure has been created. You will then have to deploy your application source code when you are ready.
Deploy your source code
Bravo ! πŸ₯³ πŸ’― Your first application is online thanks to Artifakt!
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