Artifakt Docs
Stacks 5.0 and up

Create your First Project

To get off to a good start with Artifakt, you first need to create a project.
Click Create Project and follow the steps to create your first project. The project code must be unique within the workspace, you can refer to projects for more information.
Create a project
In the second step, select the runtime and version that corresponds to the application you want to deploy. Also choose the region where your application and data will be hosted.
A project can only contain environments using the same runtime. If you want to deploy different runtimes, you will have to create different projects.
When you create a project you can use the default Artifakt code base for the chosen runtime, or you can link your own Git repository. If you wish to use the Artifakt default code base, simply click "Skip this step". Otherwise, you can choose the location of your repository and choose your preferred repository and default branch.
If you did not link your Git repository during the project creation, you can do so afterwards by going to Project → Settings → Environments and clicking Link to a different repository so that you can then create environments using your application's source code.