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API Access Keys

Manage your API Access Keys to authenticate with the Artifakt API
Artifakt authenticates API requests using a user's API Keys. If an API request does not include an API Key, or uses one that is expired, Artifakt returns an error.
An API Access Key pair includes two keys:
  • Secret Key (Only displayed once when create and must be stored securely)
  • Access Key
Both keys must be passed via an API Request Header in order to successfully authenticate the request.

Generate API Access Keys

At the user account level, navigate to Settings → Settings → API Access Keys.
Click Create API Access Keys and provide a name that best matches what you will use the Artifakt API for.
Securely store your Secret Key as this cannot be accessed again once generated.

API Access Key Lifecycle

For the security of your project and environments, API Access Keys expire every 365 days. Artifakt will notify you via email ahead of time to ensure you have sufficient notice to rotate your keys as needed.
API Access Keys!
For a complete reference about our API's endpoints and resources, please refer to the dedicated documentation page.