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Feedback Policy

Learn more about how we handle your feedbacks at Artifakt.


This policy describes the guidelines for how we manage product feedback at Artifakt. It details the whole process, from collection and storage to analysis and communication. It allows us to be more efficient and to process all user feedback in an optimal way.
User feedback is really important for us. We use your feedback to identify the most important features, ideas, pain points, and opportunities so that you can get more value from our product as efficiently as possible.
It also helps us to:
  • Put ourselves in the user’s shoes, empathize as profoundly as possible
  • Make continuous improvements to Artifakt products
  • Prioritize product features
  • Measure customer satisfaction

How to Give us Your Feedback?

Whether it's a feature request, a small improvement, or a pain point, feel free to share your thoughts with us.
To do so, please go to the Artifakt Product Board.
Before sending a request, please make sure that another user has not already made the same request by browsing the different tabs. If so, you can vote for it.
If you can't find your request, you can add it. Remember to add essential information to facilitate our understanding: why do you need this? What is it stopping you from doing? What is the impact of that? Etc.

How do we Manage Feedback?

Each new request is open for the broader user community to vote on, prioritise and give us further information.
Our Product team reviews feedback on a weekly basis. We are in charge of diving into each and every request. As the team goes through and, when appropriate, we will update the status of each request so that you immediately know the outcome.
Every quarter, we hold another meeting to discuss the top voted ideas. In these meetings, we discuss the highest priorities for our customers, team members and prospects and whether or not it makes sense to build it.
Please, keep in mind that:
  1. 1.
    Sending feedback is an asynchronous process, do not expect to receive live responses to your submission.
  2. 2.
    Not all features suggested will end up in the roadmap.
The status of each request will change over time, you can find below the meaning of each status:
  • Awaiting feedback We are gauging demand and gathering additional feedback on the request and underlying use-cases and problems
  • Planned The problem described in the request is on our roadmap but we haven’t started building a related solution yet.
  • Building We are actively developing a solution related to the problem described in the request.
  • Launched We have released a solution that addresses the problem described in the request.
  • Declined The request was not clear, already exists, or is not aligned with our product goals or strategy.